Realm Designs


Realm Designs was founded by Sandra P. Lambert, ASID, CID in 1996. “Realm” was chosen to be the firm’s name as it is associated with one’s region or domain where things prevail or dominate. Our mission and our passion are intertwined as we strive to ensure that the client is truly in their “Realm” – a place of comfort where they can flourish as they are in harmony with their environment. With each and every project we lead with enthusiasm and energy. This makes the difference between creating an ordinary project to an extraordinary one.

Our Mission

Realm Designs provides living and working environments which are both inspiring and thoughtful. We become trusted partners in your vision and provide comprehensive, creative, and sustainable solutions. Our strong business practices promote honesty, integrity, and consistency.

<strong>Sandra P. Lambert, ASID, CID</strong>
Sandra P. Lambert, ASID, CID

Principal Interior Designer

“I was one of the few people that did not go into college with an undecided major. From the beginning I researched my options to find I could actually apply my artistic talent and creativity into a career that I love.”

Sandra chose to channel that passion into the profession of interior design. And now, over three decades later, she continues to produce notable and award winning designs.

<strong>Nina Mon, LEED AP</strong>
Nina Mon, LEED AP

Interior Designer, Office Manager

“Designers have a tremendous opportunity to improve peoples quality of life and the responsibility to contribute to a more sustainable world. This is one of the sources of my motivations.”

The keystone of Nina’s design philosophy is her genuine care for people’s wellbeing and her ability to seamlessly integrate function, aesthetics and client goals. Nina approaches all design challenges with a curious sense of excitement, which allows her to enjoy the creative design process.